Our founder Message

In 2013 when we have founded Göksu Solar, we have set off in order to provide our customers with cheaper electric bills. Therefore our primary objective was to provide electrical power from the sun which is the most ecological energy supply of the world by more affordable means at the fields connected to energy network as domiciles, commercial buildings and factories as well as places that lack electrical network as boats and country cottages. At the very beginning our most precious values were human life and human resources. We have believed in clean energy and in its benefits as well as its profitability.

When we have first founded Göksu Solar, we used to perform investments of our o0wn energy production plants. Afterwards there have been our investments in equipments and in equipment production. Today Göksu Solar manufactures its own solar panels which are the basic equipments of solar energy plants. At the moment, with our own plants as well as the ones we sold, we have reached at the 29 MW established power.

At the digital age, we have also provided our customers with a digital innovation. Thanks to our own engineering and software staff, we have created a software which realizes the feasibility of his/her profit in a 35 years’ course and of the amount of electrical power to be produced at his/her roof after having chosen the roof area of our customer on the map and entered the value of his/her electrical bill. This software is to bring up important innovation to the sector as well as to the daily life.

While doing all of this we have never conceded from our common values as the environment, the human health and the cultural heritage. While we have allocated energy production plants we have stand by a technological insight which is totally harmless for human health and for the environment. By the other firms of GÖKSU Holding in tourism, construction market retail, construction and energy production sectors we are tightly stuck to the protection of these values.

As we have always underlined that our greatest value was the human life, therefore our strengths are firstly the confidence of our customers towards us and then the wellbeing of our employees; these facts will never change…

Mehmet GÖKSU - Göksu Solar Founder
Göksu Solar