About Us

Göksu Solar, being a part of Göksu Holding, serves in the sector of renewable energy resources since 2013. We are engaged in renewable energy and electrical facility projects; in the production, provision, installation and regular maintenance of devices to increase the quality of life; in the project design, financial analyzing and turnkey installation of photovoltaic systems as well as in transformation, interruption and transition projects. Our headquarter is at Maslak, Istanbul and our production plant is at Fethiye, Antalya.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with high quality products for sustainable and clean future by the most qualified service conditions.

Our vision

To become the leading mark in Turkish sector and to support these steps with innovative systems.

Our Values

To completely meet our customer requests with the required care and daintiness while always acting understandingly in customer relations. To make business while never forgetting the fact that our human resource was our main component.
Göksu Solar