Charge controllers are devices that control and control the energy from solar panels to energy storage units. Charge control devices prevent the deep cycle solar charger from overcharging during the day. Although charge controllers have some additional features that provide lighting and load control, the main function is to manage the energy going to the battery. Charge controllers use two different technologies when performing their functions: PWM and MPPT.

Solar charge controllers balance incoming current and voltage. It also sends this current to the battery pack until it is full. It cuts off the current after acellular filling. Thus, the aquariums do not hold excess charges. The life of the acers is also longer. Charge regulators up to a certain level in the market are solar charge controllers using PWM technology. For higher powers from this power, there are solar chargers that use MPPT technology. 12 Volt, 24 Volt and 48 Volt variants are available. If you need a charge controller, visit the HOMEPROF (Cheaper and More Professional) site to obtain it.