Göksu Solar Renewable Energy Systems is designing exemplary applications for medium and large scale commercial roof solar PV systems. Commercial roof type grid-connected solar power systems are designed and designed by our engineers from 10 kW to 500 kW. Commercial roof type grid-connected solar power systems include PV solar panels, junction box, inverter, DC / AC power distribution panel and remote monitoring system. Designed by Göksu Solar Renewable Energy Systems, there are lightning protection devices in DC / AC power distribution panels, equipment to simplify system connection, connecting elements to increase inverter efficiency and devices to provide network security. The commercial roof-type grid-connected solar power system can also be customized from 10 kW to 500 kW depending on the needs of our customers.

Example: 25kW X 4
♦ PV Solar panels: 4 groups. Each group consists of 5 panel sequences.
♦ Each series consists of 20 250Wp PV solar panels.
♦ AC Distribution Board: HOMEPROF DBA25K X 4
♦ Inverter: HOMEPROF SCA25KTL-D X 4
♦ AC / DC cables: 4.0-16 mm2