Fire is a major disaster that causes loss of life and property. When the spread of fire is considered, it is essential that the first intervention is carried out as soon as possible. Our company serves valuable customers by installing the fire detection and notification systems and providing the necessary fire alarm system components.

The main function of Fire Detection and Warning Systems is to locate fire source in a short time. Fire alarm systems are electric-electronic based early warning systems that are installed to detect the fires that are coming or may come to the premises and to take the necessary precautions in order to get the occupants to a safe environment at the beginning of the danger. To turn the information into an electrical signal by making a detection, and to operate alarm devices such as siren and telephone caller.

The equipment that makes up a fire system are:


Fire Alarm Control Panel


It is the control center of the fire alarm system. The electrical signals received from the sensors are processed here and transferred to output elements such as siren, telephone caller, relay, warning LEDs. The control panels are selected according to the size of the building to be protected, the amount of sensing and matching elements, the required control control relays and the needs of the client.



There are sensors (sensors) that detect fire elements such as heat, smoke, flame and transmit information as an electrical signal to the pan. Detector selection is an important factor. The detector should distinguish between fire and daily events. Due to cigarette smoke, steam and stored products, the gas present in the environment must be able to distinguish it from a real fire smoke. In addition, the detectors must be placed correctly, taking into account the detection areas.

Smoke detectors are two types, optical and ionisation. They are effective against the smell (white and black smoke). The risk of fire in the area to be protected should be taken into consideration when making the selection. In ionization smoke detectors, an electric current flows between two electrodes. When smoke arrives, this current decreases. In optical smoke detectors, smoke is detected with a light distribution.

The heat detectors may be of a fixed temperature type or of a type that is set to sense temperature increase. These are less sensitive than the other detectors. It should be used in places where small fires are likely to occur. It may not detect small temperature changes. When selecting the heat detectors, care should be taken to select 20 degrees above ambient temperature.



Fire Buttons

These are the buttons that can trigger the alarm when the fire is still in its initial phase or when there is a possibility of fire, explosion or the like. Fire alarm buttons are products that enable staff to activate the alarm system and to alarm in case of a fire. These buttons are; It should be well mounted at a point of 1.4 meters above the ground and easily reachable without obstruction, without going farther than 30 meters from any point to give an alarm.



A fire with a fire alarm panel is available after the fire has got its knowledge. It informs the danger with high sound intensity.