When solar power plants are established, their lives are determined as at least 25 years and economic analyzes are calculated based on this period. Solar panels are modular products that turn solar light, which is a natural energy source, into DC electricity. These panels can produce the best and most efficient energy when the ambient conditions are favorable and the panel surface is clean. This efficiency rate decreases over time with dust, pollen, bird droppings and other contaminating and abrasive factors that accumulate on the panes. Ideal solar panels should be cleaned and maintained by washing with Ultra Ionize Pure Water at regular intervals for maximum efficiency. The goal in photovoltaic systems is to maximize efficiency, reduce maintenance and cost.

Things to be aware of when servicing solar power plants;

  • High tension must be observed
  • Panels should be cleaned with special solar brush. Cleaning and maintenance must be done at the same time, not separately
  • It is necessary to pay careful attention not to miss the cleaning service times to be given intermittently, but to be given on time.
  • When the panel is cleaned, it must not be pressed or walked.